Automatic Wash Tokens

As a company dedicated to offering outstanding service, we are proud to offer our Automatic Wash Token program that provides convenience and an easy method to save money. The program offers substantial discounts for any customer or company that purchases quantities of tokens for our touch free automatic wash. The tokens are available for either our Platinum or Silver touch free automatic wash.
This program is perfect for any business that provides vehicles for its employees. The tokens can only be used at a Miracle Car Wash and depending on the amount of tokens you purchase, the savings can be up to 15% off! As an additional service to our customers, you can complete an online form that will allow you to determine your savings, as well as print an order form that you can include with your check or money order.
Savings Schedule*    
Original Price
New Price
*This represents the savings on the Platinum Token.
Commercial rates are available by emailing here.
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